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How to Maintain Mortice Locks

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What's the biggest mistake we all do when it comes to locks? We fail to take care of them the right way and at the proper time. Your mortice locks would need good cleaning and periodic lubrication. They need adjustment and possibly some repairs over the years. There are locks which have never been maintained. Perhaps one of the most common problems is stiffness. You will have a harHow to Maintain Mortice Locksd time turning the key or inserting it in the lock. It's not surprising that locks need to be used often. One of the little secrets for keeping them in good condition is to operate the external and internal door locks just to keep them going.

Stiffness is often caused by disuse but also due to accumulated dirt and rust. Dust is inserted in the keyhole and mixed with the oils. It will eventually become a stiff blend and won't allow you to use the lock and the key properly. Overtime rust will grow as well since steel exposed to air suffers from erosion. If you want to avoid such problems or buying new locks, you should make sure the existing onesare clean and well lubricated.

Take care of locks to avoid problems

Mortice locks are inserted in wood doors and so they must be removed in order to be cleaned right. Though, you must pay attention to the age and type of lock you own. Some modern ones are made of brass and in this case they'll need white grease occasionally. If they are made of iron, they'll need graphite or other forms of lubricants. Old oils must be removed before new ones are applied. You must be extra careful with old locks. Some antique ones might be damaged if you try to remove them. If it seems hard to pull them off, it's best to let them be for historic value solely and just add a separate system for your security. New deadlock installation would be needed for security purposes anyway.

If you decide to remove and disassemble the lock in order to take care of it start by unscrewing the door knob from the spindle. Your intention is to remove the door knob on the one side of the door so that you can pull the door knob with the spindle from the other side of the door. When you remove the mechanism from the door side, be gentle when you clean it. Use an old toothbrush and canned air and wipe old lubricants before you applying new ones. If there are problems, now it's the best time for door lock repair.

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