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Garage Locks May Prevent Break-ins

Garage Locks May Prevent Break-ins
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Let’s face it. Garage doors are being used as the main entryways to the modern households. It is worked out several times during the day, sometimes even more than the times the front doors are opened and closed. If you want to optimize your home security, fortifying garage locks is a great way to start.

Secure your Garage, Secure your Home

Garage Locks May Prevent Break-insFor many home security experts, the garage presents vulnerability, a weak point. Thieves can break-in through the garage without giving surrounding people hints that they are up to no good. To topple this off, specialists from Locksmith Kings Langley offer the following tips:

Tip #1: Never leave your garage remote or any tool to operate the panels automatically in a prominent place in your vehicle. If someone gets access to your key for car, he will also be able to break-in to your home. If you would rather be safe, keep your keys in a discreet location, better if you don’t keep them far away from your body.

Tip #2: Keep your locks locked, whether it is in your garage, your front doors, your back doors, or even your car doors. Locks are invested upon a great deal of money to function as, well, locks. If you want better security, call in for a deadbolt installation on the connecting door between your garage and your home.

Tip #3: Don’t be too complacent. No matter how safe your neighbourhood is, the probability of someone wanting to stick his head in is always there. Keep your guards up. It pays to be aware.

Tip #4: Have a peephole installed on the connecting door between your garage and your home. If you hear some noise in your carport, you can take a peak without having to actually open the door and be caught off guard.

Tip #5: Pay attention to maintenance of your security systems. Maintenance should be done on a regular basis to ensure that your security products, as well as your entire garage door, are actually working for you still. Any sign of damage could be a sign of a weakness.

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